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  • Power Factor and Grid-Connected – Photovoltaics

Power factor is a measure of the phase difference between the voltage and current in an AC power system. In purely resistive loads (such as an incandescent lightbulb or electric kettle) the current is in phase with the voltage and there is ‘unity’ power factor.

Capacitive and inductive loads (such as a capacitor banks or inductive motor respectively) will cause the current to ‘lead’ or ‘lag’ the voltage, resulting in a ‘non-unity’ power factor.

solar monitoring
  • CO2 Baseline Database for the Indian Power Sector

The database is an official publication of the Government of India for the purpose of CDM baselines. It is based on the most recent data available with the Central Electricity Authority.

In order to facilitate adoption of authentic baseline emissions data and also to ensure uni-
formity in the calculations of CO2 emission reductions by CDM project developers, Central

Electricity Authority (CEA) has compiled a database containing the necessary data on CO2
emissions for all grid-connected power stations in India.