PV DG and DG PV Controller

When mains grid turns off (during power cut) DG turns on manually or automatically depend on the customer infrastructure. Onces DG starts & feeds power to load, solar plant also turns ON & starts pumping the available solar power forcefully. If load is less then excess solar power can damage the DG while initially DG tripping starts. To avoid such conditions, PV-DG controllers are increasingly becoming popular in the solar rooftop industry.

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Benefits of PV DG And DG PV controller and DG Synchronization:

Optimizes solar generation while running with DG (Diesel Generator)

1. Usage of maximum green energy
2. Avoids frequent DG tripping (with solar)
3. Protects DG from excess solar power
4. Maintains spinning reserve of DG
5. Reduces the fuel consumption up to 60%
6. ROI within 2 years
7. It allows the cost effective use of solar energy to generate power and reduce fuel consumption of Diesel Generator.
8. It allows the use of solar plant during the off-grid conditions.

pv dg controller
pv dg controller

Total Monitored Capacity 800+ MW

We have installed total capacity of 800+ MW across the world.

Daily 350000+ Data Points Tracked

We, at SuryaLogix track more that 350000 Data Points every day. 

Presence in 20+ states and 6+ Countries

We are a global company present in more than 6+ countries. 

PV DG And DG PV Controller Steps Wise Procedure:-

  • When DG gets turned ON; Controller gets a signal from DG. Then controller calculates
    the plant load through MFM meter installed on DG panel.
  • If the calculated load is less than 30% of DG capacity then inverter will not start generation, (i.e. controller sends a 0% command to all inverters).
  • It keeps 30% load on DG, this is because Generator manufacturers recommended to run their DG’s at 30% of its capacity
  • If the plant load is more than 30% of DG capacity. In this case, controller will sends command to inverters to start generation (e.g. 0% to 100% depending on load). Then 30% load will be on DG and remaining load will be fulfilled by the solar.
  • Command from controller (i.e. % command) will vary according to load requirement of
solar remote monitoring
solar wireless montoring
solar remote monitoring
Solar Remote monitoring system 2021
solar remote monitoring system
solar wireless monitoring

Advantages of SuryaLog PV-DG controller:-

  • Fuel savings
  • Suitable for Multiple DG sets
  • Site-specific customization
  • Inverter Output Control dynamically
  • Fully automated system operation
  • Remote maintenance and system management

Case Study 1: PV DG And DG PV Controller​ | DG Synchronization

Case study: PV-DG controller for 290 KWp solar plant at devotional place in Rajasthan

No. of buildings: 06 Building
Distance: 350mtrs maximum
No. of inverters: 06
Inverter make ABB
Technology used: Wireless

Aim :-
1. To benefit the plant owner by giving him solar generation while running the solar plant with DG
2. To resolve the tripping issue as physical cable laying was not possible

PV-DG controller benefits:

After the installation of suryalog PV-DG controller, the plant owner got the “855.48KWh”solar generation in a week during GRID down time & while running with the DG (Diesel Generator), which could have been lost without PV-DG controller. DG tripping issue also resolved.

Customer has observed optimum performance with the Suryalog- DG controller system, because the Burdon of switching OFF all the solar by going at each (six) individual building just to make DG turn ON is been solved now, even now plant owner is getting solar generation on DG as well (Not 100% generation, because in DG case solar generation is depends on active load just to avoid reverse power feeding into the DG.

pv dg controller
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pv dg controller

Case Study 2: PV DG And DG PV Controller | DG Synchronization

PV-DG controller for 870 KWp solar plant with three different
inverter makes at vineyard in Maharashtra

No. of buildings: 08
No. of inverters: 29
Inverter make: REFUSOL, DELTA, and FRONIUS
Technology used: LAN/Ethernet

Aim :
To benefit the plant owner by reducing diesel consumption & also to analyze the plant
in centralized manner in real time.to provide them opportunity to monitor each
building separately.

PV-DG controller benefits:-
After the installation of suryalog, PV-DG controller. The plant owner got the “3167.51KWh”solar generation in a week during GRID down time & while running with the DG (Diesel Generator).
The Fuel consumption of DG has been reduced, he saved around 35% of Diesel while running solar system with DG.
He is getting more benefits like DG running time with import & solar generation.

The plant owner is pleasured with suryalog PV-DG controller, because of Protection of Reverse Power to DG & he is saving fuel of DG. Also he is now able to monitor and analyze the solar power plant centrally & building wise.