Solar Remote Management System

SuryaLogix is a product development company in the field of renewables. We are working with cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, ML, and wireless communication to optimize renewable energy generation and increase the ROI by using our innovative products.

SuryaLogix: Solar Remote Management Company

SuryaLogix is a manufacturer of Zero Export devices, PV-DG Controllers, Sensors, SCADA, SMBs, RMS & many more. We believe in sustainable and organic growth of business. Our philosophy is to work for the interest of customers, employees, and investors.

solar wireless monitoring and solar remote monitoring system
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Esteemed Clientele

We supported 150+ corporate clients to transform into the optimization of solar energy through our innovative products.

solar remote monitoring
solar wireless montoring
solar remote monitoring
solar remote monitoring system
solar wireless monitoring

Building the Future of Solar Remote Management System

We are striving everyday to build SuryaLogix as one of the world's leading product development companies in the renewable energy sector with perceived quality at competitive price.
solar remote monitoring system - ceo
Mr. Nitin Gutte
MD | Suryalogix