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  • Company Name: Cleanmax
  • Commission Date: 6/Jan/20
  • DC Capacity: 528
  • AC Capacity: 400
  • Sensor: Yes
  • Monitoring: Yes
  • Grid MFM: Yes


  • Company Name: Sterling & Willson
  • Commission Date: 30/Aug/19
  • DC Capacity: 897
  • AC Capacity: 750
  • Sensor: Yes
  • Monitoring: Yes


  • Company Name: Inject Solar
  • Commission Date: 8/Jul/19
  • DC Capacity: 700
  • AC Capacity: 606
  • Sensor: Yes
  • Monitoring: Yes
  • Net Metering: Yes


  • Company Name: Tepsol
  • Commission Date: 17/Dec/19
  • DC Capacity: 855
  • AC Capacity: 848
  • Monitoring: Yes
  • Wireless
  • No of Wings: 12


  • Company Name: Tepsol
  • Commission Date: 
  • DC Capacity: 280.2
  • AC Capacity: 280
  • Monitoring: Yes


  • Company Name: SunInfra Energies
  • Commission Date: 24/Jan/20
  • DC Capacity: 170
  • AC Capacity: 150
  • Monitoring: Yes

Suryalogix Data Logger Projects

133 kWp, Residential Society, Pune

Centralized monitoring of 11 nos. of buildings within residential society with implementation of wireless communication technology.

Real time and centralized monitoring of 133 kWp of solar plant within radius of 300 mtrs.

150 kWp Oil mill, Washim ​

Real time monitoring of 150KWp Oil Mill plant with 3 nos. of Huawei inverters with GRID side monitoring to analyze the GRID import with solar consumption parameters.

Utmost optimization of solar power plant rsults into reduction of downtime.


intelligent energy for our planet

Suryalogix Wireless PV-DG Projects

Solar Remote Monitoring System 2

567 KWp, Manufacturing Unit, Ahmadabad ​

567 KWp of solar power plant with solar edge inverters synchronized with 2 DG’s for controlling and solar monitoring. 18nos. of solar edge inverters.

Master–slave technology for DG synchronization in LAN. 3 no. of sensors configured to the system

3 (4)

990 KWp, Vineyards, Nashik​

Real time and centralized monitoring of a plant with 12 slave devices connected to master within same LAN network through Master-slave technology.

Multiple makes of inverters configured under single system (solution). Total 4 different makes of inverter.


330 KWp, Law Institute, Vizag

Centralized monitoring of 330 kWp solar power plant with 4 buildings. DG synchronization through wireless communication using master slave technology.

Distances from DG/main control room to buildings were in the range of 120 to 350 meters.

Wireless PV-DG and centralized monitoring. ACDB and multiple inverters implemented.


1 MWp, Handicraft Factory, Jodhpur ​

Solar power plant of 1MWp is synchronized with DG for solar optimization, where SMA inverters are connected to master through existing LAN network. 15 nos. of SMA inverters connected within the existing LAN network of factory premises.

Limited GRID export for encasement of solar power plant. Real time monitoring.

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Suryalogix Zero Export Controller Project

400 kWp, Filament Industry, Barshi

567 KWp of solar power plant with solar edge inverters synchronized with 2 DG’s for controlling and solar monitoring. 18nos. of solar edge inverters.

Master–slave technology for DG synchronization in LAN. 3 no. of sensors configured to the system

Solar Monitoring
Working with Suryalogix has truly been a pleasure! With both technical and
a results-oriented attitude.
Solar Monitoring system
Mr. Dinesh Thakare
Head of Engineering Department, Vibrant Energy Holdings

Suryalogix DC - DC Project

DC to DC converter at India, Vietnam

Highly efficient DC to DC converters of high voltage i.e. 1500 V and 1000 V. Models & Variants: 15 Watt, 30 Watt and 40 Watt.

Delivered across all over “India “and other countries such as “Vietnam”, “UAE” and “Gulf countries” directly or indirectly through Traders/partners.

To bring innovations & transformations into optimization of sustainable energy.

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Suryalogix SMB Projects

Retrofit SMB with wireless at Tamil Nadu

We supplied complete set of electronics i.e. SMB, DC to DC converters and Wireless transceivers.

Wireless range is up to 2KMs. Worked during “No generation hours” to commission the plant.

SMB at Gujrat, Bihar and Tamil Nadu ​

Shunt based monitoring. SMB with multichannel availability i.e. (8, 12, 16, 20, 24 channels). On Board & External Temperature Sensors. Available in 1500V and 1000V.

Interface: RS485, Wireless, Fiber Optics.